Nakenbjörn is co-founded by friends and fathers, Björn and Henry. We call the west coast of Sweden home. You can often find us with our families, sharing our love of nature with our children. 

Bath time is a special time for bonding with your baby. I remember very clearly the first time my partner and I bathed our baby. We used a thermometer to make sure the water was the perfect temperature. We double-checked the ingredients of the hyper-sensitive baby soap we’d bought and carefully lowered our tiny son into the water. Bath time became an important ritual. Care tasks like bathing are so important for building trust and connection.

We’re building Nakenbjörn with the belief that special moments like these should be accompanied by products that can share in the memories. We want you to wrap your little naked bear up in their Nakenbjörn towel and have them enjoy it all the way until they’re running around the house after bathtime with the towel flying behind them. 

With the idea that we’re creating products we’re proud to use on our own children, we have made no sacrifices in terms of quality. Our towels are proudly designed and produced in Sweden. You can be sure you’re buying a product that is ethically made and of the highest quality.

From our families to yours, thank you for choosing Nakenbjörn.